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Nord Rack 2 Rackmount Virtual Analog Synthesizer 16 Voice, Lead 2


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Up for sale, a Nord Rack 2 synthesizer in excellent condition and in perfect working order. In 1995 Clavia launched the original Nord Lead synthesizer, which immediately became an industry standard with its distinct red coloration and knob-laden surface. Two years later, after coining the term “virtual analog”, the Nord Lead 2 was released (along with its rackmount version, the Rack 2 seen here), which took the virtual analog concept even further, adding a number of new improvements and features.

The Nord Rack 2 is actually four synthesizers in one. Four multi-timbral channels each have their own fully assignable output, an essential feature for musicians who want independent external processing and mixing. The Nord Rack 2 comes with an impressive 16-voice architecture, a highly beneficial feature for creating layered textures, power pads, cutting leads, and booming bass.

Programming was crafted very carefully to reproduce the warmth and rich characteristics of traditional analog circuits. The virtual analog technique opens up far more possibilities than the average old-school analog signal, however. You can create crisp and nasty "analog-digital" sounds that venture into new and unique sonic territory. Every function has a dedicated and intuitive knob, a refreshing alternative to navigating complex menus. Total real time control and instant accessibility make sculpting sounds a breeze. Expanding on the Nord Lead's live performance abilities, a second pedal input has been added, one for Sustain and the other for Expression.

Cosmetic wear is limited to light scuffs on the edges of the enclosure. The graphics are clean, all of the original knobs and buttons are intact, and all functions have been tested and operate as intended.