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Nau Engineering Fullerton USA-Made Boutique Tube Amp Head & 2x12 Cabinet, 6L6 Black Panel-Style


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Up for sale, a Nau Engineering Fullerton head and 2x12” cabinet in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Handcrafted in North Chili, New York by master amp builder John Nau, Nau Engineering amplifiers are finely crafted boutique designs with premium components throughout. This Fullerton is essentially Nau’s take on a Black Panel Princeton Reverb, yet engineered with a 2x12 cabinet for a broader range of applications and significantly more sonic heft and low-end punch. Outfitted with 6L6s (instead of the Princeton's lower wattage 6V6 valves), the Nau Fullerton delivers sparkling treble articulation and sweetness, with a Midrange control for a touch more warmth and presence. The cleans are absolutely pristine, with ample headroom, and dialing this amp results in dynamic, expressive edge-of-breakup creaminess that responds notably well to user inputs.

Controls include SLA, Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume knobs; the SLA control is a unique, proprietary 11-step power reduction circuit for dialing in ideal output and compression, adaptable to any stage or studio environment. The Reverb is lush and splashy, and the EQ knobs have broad sweeps. The circuit is untouched, and the tube complement includes a matched pair of GrooveTubes 6L6s, with a 5AR4 rectifier and a preamp section that contains all vintage valves from the likes of Philips and General Electric.

The cabinet has a closed-back design, loaded with a Jensen P12N “No Bell” and a Celestion Bad Cat Custom. The P12N, the so-called “King of Clean Tones,” features an Alnico V design and delivers crystal clear trebles, transparent mids, and powerful-yet-tight bass response. The Bad Cat Custom, made exclusively for Bad Cat by Celestion, has ceramic magnet construction, combining the tight lows and punch inherent to that design with the sweet highs of an Alnico Blue.

The head and cabinet are both covered in surf green tolex with black grills and Nau badges. Cosmetic wear is limited to a handful of light marks on both the amp and cabinet, largely relegated to the back and sides of the 2x12.