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Moog Grandmother Analog Synthesizer Semi Modular Near Mint w/ Case, Patch Cables


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Up for sale, a Moog Grandmother analog synthesizer in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original manual, power supply, patch cables, and upgraded SR Series case. The Grandmother is a sonic playground that harkens back to Moog’s modular roots, where synthesis is not only about the end result, but also the journey of discovery and experimentation. While capable of highly complex sounds and modulation, the Grandmother’s semi-modular design requires absolutely no patching, ensuring that human beings of any skill level can easily explore and experience the joys and magic of analog synthesis. Inspired by the classic Moog modular synthesizers that came before it, the Grandmother’s sound engine, modulation engine, and onboard spring reverb tank are completely analog, resulting in an unrestricted sonic vocabulary of immeasurable beauty and power. In addition, Grandmother also features an easy-to-use Arpeggiator and Sequencer for added enjoyment and programmable syncopation.

Though not required, creative patching and exploration are the keys to discovering exciting new relationships between modules and to truly unlocking Grandmother’s infinite expanse of auditory inspiration. Patching can also be used to override internal connections, allowing each section to function just as an independent module would. In addition to its standalone function, Grandmother is also an ideal analog audio processor for external sound sources, and a powerful keyboard front end for expanding a Mother-32, DFAM, or any Eurorack modular system.


-32-note keyboard with arpeggiator and a 256-note sequencer with three sequence locations.
-Two voltage-controlled oscillators with hard sync and a white noise generator.
-6” spring reverb tank.
-3-channel mixer with an additional 1/4” external audio input.
-Classic 4-pole 10Hz to 20kHz Ladder filter and a patchable 1-pole high pass filter.
-Patchable 4-point mult and a bipolar attenuator.
-Analog ADSR envelope.
-Wide-range analog LFO with Sync input and a Sample/Hold output.
-41 patch points with 21 inputs and 20 outputs.

The manual, power supply, patch cables, and upgraded SR Series case (a $200 value) is included.