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Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 8x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet, 4ohm


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Up for sale, a Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 8x10 Bass Cabinet in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Handmade by Mesa Boogie’s expert craftsmen in Petaluma, California, this cab features premium construction and materials; including the 8 Eminence Custom 10” speakers, providing huge tone with ample headroom and excellent low end response.

The Powerhouse is far from one-note, offering built-in tonal sculpting capability. On the back of the unit, the PlayerControl Network control panel allows for easy utilization of the various features of the cab; including an adjustable L-Pad for blending the high-frequency driver, resettable horn protection, and standard ¼-inch and high-current SPEAKON locking connectors. There is also a three-position Crossover switch, enabling further tonal variance and easy switching between the standard, detail-enhancing 5k; harmonic-friendly 4k; and modern, articulate cut at 3k.

Mesa Boogie have utilized several proprietary techniques to give this cabinet top notch fit and finish, including aircraft-style bracing for optimal rigidity and minimal weight. All structural reinforcement is dado-joined and sculpted, a technique taken directly from the aviation industry to ensure structural stability. The PowerHouse cabinet also features Mesa Boogie’s innovative tri-port design; a front-facing multi-vented porting system which uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance the entire bass spectrum.

This absolute monster of a unit is also much more easily transportable than other comparably sized cabs thanks to the built-in rollerblade-style wheels, rear glide rail protection and heavy-duty metal kickplate. Cosmetic wear on the cab is sparingly light, with only a few small marks and scuffs on the black tolex at the edges of the enclosure.