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Mesa Boogie Mark V Tube Amp & 1x12 Extension w/ Covers, Ftsw, Tags


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Up for sale, a Mesa Boogie Mark V 1x12” combo amplifier in showroom-clean condition and in perfect working order, complete with a matching 1x12" extension cabinet, footswitch, and Mesa Boogie-branded slip covers. Among the most versatile amps ever created, this remarkable Mesa Boogie represents the culmination of 40 years of Randall Smith’s innovations, combining nine preamp circuits and three power amps into a singular combo.

The Mark V is really a collection of amplifiers, with a staggering number of individual circuits and sounds on tap. All the Mesa Boogie classics are present, faithfully recreated and benefitting from decades of refinement: The Mark I, which introduced the world to a cascading preamp high gain circuit; the Mark II, the first-ever Dual Mode Channel Switching amplifier, as well as its siblings including the Mark IIC+, which introduced Mesa’s beloved Simul-Class power; the Mark III, with 3-channel footswitching performance; and the Mark IV, which dramatically expanded the individual control and tonal sculpting array; along with a selection of new Brit-inspired circuits to really round out the tonal spectrum. Regardless of the tone you’re seeking, the odds are very good that you’ll be able to dial it up on this amp. While the scope of features may seem intimidating at first, the user-friendly design of the Mark V makes this amp surprisingly plug-and-playable; each channel has the same basic features repeated, so learning the ins and outs of one channel essentially means you have learned them all.

The Mark V features a footswitchable three-channel design, with three distinct individual modes on each channel. Each channel has an individual EQ, but can also be toggled over to the iconic Mesa Boogie five-band graphic EQ for further tonal precision, which is expounded upon once again by subtle changes at the dynamic independent Tone controls. The Mark V also features Mesa’s popular channel-assignable Multi-Watt Power, which determines the wattage and configuration of power each preamp channel will be coupled with, to create a unique classic sound via independent switches. All three channels can be toggled between 90W, 45W, and 10W with a simple flick of a switch, dramatically altering headroom, focus, and authority. Also present is the much-lauded Full/Tweed Variac Power switch, which lowers the power to create a spongier vintage feel.

Also onboard is Mesa Boogie’s proprietary Simul-Class Power, which essentially functions as two different power amps working simultaneously; one extracts Class A sweetness, while the other delivers the high-power punch of Pentode Class A/B. Cleans shimmer with sweet, delicate highs and ample low mid warmth and richness, and lead tones have a fat vocal quality that cuts exceptionally well through any mix. The original set of Mesa-branded tubes includes a matched quartet of 6L6 power tubes with a 5U4 rectifier, and a preamp section of four SPAX7s and three 12AX7s.

Both the Mark V and its matching 1x12” extension speaker cabinet are loaded with Black Shadow 12” speakers, made specially for Mesa Boogie by Celestion. These speakers deliver tight, controlled lows; ample upper-bass and low-mids; authoritative midrange attack; and an assertive-yet-composed top end. The speakers excel at cutting through the mix without being piercing, offering 90 watts of headroom and a dynamic response.

The amp and extension cab are crafted from marine-grade Baltic Birch, and cosmetic appointments include Black Bronco vinyl, Black Jute grill, black corners, and Mesa badges. Both are in excellent shape, with just a scant few tiny marks. The original knobs are all present, and the graphics on the faceplate are pristine.

The eight-button footswitch is included, with toggles for all three channels, as well as Solo, Reverb, FX, EQ, and Mute buttons. Also included are the Mesa-branded slip covers, factory hangtag with inspection stickers, and four removable casters for the amp.