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Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Mark IIC+ Tube Guitar Amp Head w/ Cover, Footswitch


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Up for sale, a Mesa Boogie JP-2C head in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original slip cover, footswitch, and paperwork. A modern iteration of the legendary Mark IIC+, the JP-2C boasts an enhanced feature set born from three decades of collaboration and development with John Petrucci. Much like a race car or fighter jet, the JP-2C strips down tube amp design to the bare essentials to get the job done effectively, in the simplest way. It’s a purpose-built, no compromise design that aims to deliver the most aggressive, purest sounding amp to meet John’s recording and stage needs.

In the spirit of simplicity, the JP-2C foregoes the concept of multiple voicing Modes derived from other circuits, and instead dedicates each of the three Channels exclusively to the circuit voicings of the Mark IIC+, including the new Shred Mode, which further enhances the top end harmonic layering of the original IIC+ Lead Circuit.

Channel 1 - Dedicated to Clean sounds
Channel  2 - Evolution of the original Mark IIC+ circuit
Channel 3 - High gain sustain and explosive attack
Pull Shift - Modified to Pull Gain & Pull Presence
EQ window & feature control switches
Graphic EQ x 2
Shred - 3-position upper harmonic enhancement for Channels 2 and 3
Reverb - Channel independent and footswitchable
FX Loop
Cabclone D.I. Cabinet Simulator and Recording Interface
Headphone Out, Footswitch, and MIDI