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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King Head & 4x12 Cab Near Mint w/ King Kontroller, Covers


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Up for sale, a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King head and matching 4x12 speaker cabinet in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original pair of Mesa-branded slip covers and the King Kontroller footswitch. The flagship of the Rectifier line and the original iteration of the Road King platform, this amp is incredibly versatile with an expansive sonic range and a host of modern features.

Four independent preamp channels make up the front end of the Road King, and though they may each be used for any sound, they are grouped as two sets of lower gain Rhythm Channels (1 & 2) and two sets of high gain Lead Channels (3 & 4). Each of these channels house 3 different modes, which are voiced differently and in certain cases have different gain structures.

This type of preamp versatility means the player will never have to compromise, and this awesome preamp power is then sent to the Road King's Effects Loop section which boasts both Series and Parallel Loops to assure a match to whatever type of processing the player chooses. These may be used individually or combined, and may be programmed active in any of the channels or footswitched in and out on the fly.

At the heart of the Road King's design is Mesa's patented Progressive Linkage tube switching. Any of the 4 preamps can be combined with any one of the 5 power section configurations. Choices include the bubbly, elastic 2 x 6L6; the urgent, brash 2 x EL34; the tight, bold 4 x 6L6; the stinging 2 x 6L6 + 2 x EL34; and the huge, dominating power of 4 x 6L6 + 2 x EL34. The current tube complement includes all Mesa-branded valves, with a quad of 6L6 power tubes, a pair of EL34s, two 5U4 rectifiers, and a host of preamp tubes.

Each of these power configurations lends its own personality and when matched with the right preamp can sonically define a musical style. The Road King also features Rectifier Tracking, a feature which automatically matches the type of rectification for each of the preamp / power sections configured. A player may want a lower wattage clean sound with the loose, airy feel of tube rectification and a high gain lead sound with higher power and the tight tracking bass response of the solid state rectifier or vice versa. Many combinations are possible, and the best part is that Rectifier Tracking follows the player's choices in power sections to always mate the proper amount of rectification for a given string of tubes.

And if this versatility isn't enough, add to the palate Programmable Channel-specific Speaker Switching. This allows the player to utilize two different types of speaker enclosures to enhance different sonic characteristics and combine these choices with each Channel/Mode scheme. There are even provisions for using two cabinets of different impedance loads.

The Road King incorporates a rich analog Reverb, which is controlled per channel with the rear panel reverb controls and may be switched in and out via the King Kontroller. Mesa's Solo feature is an additional Output Level control that is wired in parallel to the Output and provides a pre-assignable, footswitchable boost for stepping out when it's time to solo. A built-in Variac, Mesa's patented Spongy/Bold switch, is also included which enables the player to reduce the A.C. line voltage for a looser feel and increased upper harmonic spread resulting in that brown sound that has the elusive sag.

The Road King comes equipped with one of the mightiest footswitches around, the King Kontroller. All possible Channels, Functions and Features are there for instant access, and their status is monitored by LED illumination.

The 4x12 stereo speaker cabinet is loaded with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30s and a pair of Mesa Boogie Black Shadow drivers, further enhancing the sonic versatility of the Road King and an optimal speaker set for both bold, muscly cleans and ripping high gain chunk.

The amp comes complete with the original King Kontroller footswitch and pair of Mesa-branded slip covers for the head and cabinet.