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Marsh 1974X Tremolo 1x12” Plexi 18 Watt Tube Combo Amp, British Racing Green


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Up for sale, a Marsh Amplification 1974X 1x12” combo amplifier in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with a slip cover. Marsh offers exacting made-to-order, hand-wired recreations of classic vintage amps, and this premium spin on Marshall's 1974X platform features British Racing Green tolex, salt and pepper grillcloth, and a proper plexi control panel.

This 18 watt combo is a dual-channel design, powered by a pair of EL84s, with footswitchable tube-driven tremolo on Channel Two. As a 1974X should, the amp delivers fat cleans at lower volumes with ample harmonic complexity, midrange richness and low end growl. Natural overdriven grit and British flavored sizzle and roar is on tap with the Volume pushed towards its limit, and the amp is ideally suited to diming out the controls and using one's guitar volume to coax out a range of dynamically responsive sounds. The channels have independent Volume and Tone controls, with Speed and Intensity knobs for the tube-driven Tremolo (footswitch not included).

Marsh uses premium componentry in all their builds, and this 1974X is no different; the hand-wired circuit features carbon comp resistors, USA-made Heyboer transformers, and Mallory capacitors. Inside the cab, the inspection sticker dates production to 9/16. The tube complement consists of two EHX EL84 power tubes, an EXH 6CA4 rectifier, and three JJ ECC83s in the preamp. The cabinet is loaded with an Austin Speaker Works Crossroads M-style speaker, voiced for vintage warmth with a pronounced lower-midrange presence, smooth bass, and singing highs that remain articulate without ever crossing over into unwanted harshness.

The cabinet sports British Racing Green tolex, salt and pepper grillcloth, white piping, and a gold plexi control plate with Marshall barrel knobs. This amp is in fantastic shape, with just a scant few tiny marks on the enclosure.

A faux leather slip cover is included.