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Lovepedal Hermida Audio Dover Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Lovepedal Hermida Audio Dover Drive in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Inspired by the tube-driven B.K. Butler and Chandler Tube Driver pedals that have powered everything from David Gilmour’s late-model stadium sound to J Mascis’s power jangle to Eric Johnson’s violin-like tone, the Dover Drive captures these qualities and also has a unique sonic signature all its own.

It's effective for everything from mild overdrive to Fuzz Face-like assault. And while the name might imply that the pedal is based on Johnson’s iconic “Cliffs of Dover” tone, Hermida says he sought inspiration from the guitar sound on Johnson’s “Righteous.” Yet focusing exclusively on Eric Johnson-like attributes overlooks the fact that the Dover Drive is a touch-responsive, dynamic, and wide-ranging overdrive suitable for any player who loves transitioning from smooth to growl.