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Louis Electric Gattone V-Front 2x10 Boutique Tube Amp w/ Reverb & Tremolo, Celestion Speakers


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Up for sale, a Louis Electric Gattone 2x10” tube amp in near-mint condition and in perfect working order. This hand-wired, masterfully crafted combo, designed as a tribute to the tonal stylings of Danny Gatton, is aesthetically and tonally reminiscent of Fender’s Tweed-era V-front Super. Louis Rosano (the master amp builder behind Louis Electric) built a 5F8-A tweed Twin clone for Gatton towards the end of Gatton’s career; it quickly became one of his favorite amps and was frequently seen onstage with the Tele-slinging legend. This tribute V-front combo features a dual-input all-tube design, with lush reverb and tremolo, loaded with a pair of Celestion speakers and pushing 35 watts.

The vintage aesthetics match the classic tone; this Gattone has a very present top end, honky and throaty midrange, and ample low end power. There’s plenty of headroom for pristine Fender-esque sparkle, with vintage-style thick edge-of-breakup crunch when pushed hard. Controls include Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Reverb knobs, with dedicated Speed and Intensity knobs for the tremolo.

The cabinet is loaded with one Celestion G10 Alnico Gold and one Celestion G10 Greenback, both of which deliver vintage-esque chime and midrange warmth. The rich lows and chiming highs of the G10 Gold blend with the creamy mids and harmonic complexity of the Greenback for a tone that is decidedly responsive and dynamic. The tube complement includes a pair of Svetlana 6L6 power tubes, a Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier, and a preamp section of three Sovtek 12AX7s and one Philips/ECG 12AT7.

The hand-wired circuit features eyelet terminal board construction, with premium components throughout including:

-Hand-selected Mallory and Sprague caps/resistors
-Custom designed, hand-built transformers
-Belton tube sockets
-Moisture-resistant phenolic board
-Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches
-Machine-grade fasteners

The V-front cabinet features ambered lacquered diagonal tweed and oxblood/gold stripe grillcloth, topped off with a premium leather handle. This amp is remarkably clean with just a scant few marks on the enclosure edges, and the faceplate has pristine graphics and brown barrel knobs.