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Korg TNB-1 Tone Booster EQ/Boost Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal, Japan


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Up for sale, a Korg TNB-1 Tone Booster EQ/Boost pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced in Japan, this Korg pedal is a remarkably versatile unit, able to perform as a two-band EQ, clean boost, and distortion depending on user inputs.

Controls are simple, with Bass and Treble controls, as well as Output Level and Gain knobs. Cranking the Gain knob turns this pedal into an effective distortion; delivering huge ‘80s-style gain perfect for screaming, white-hot leads or fat, crunchy chords.

This unit is in great shape, with just a scant few minor nicks and light scratches on the enclosure. All original knobs are intact too.