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Klon KTR Overdrive Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal, Centaur w/ Original Diodes


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Up for sale, a Klon KTR in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The Klon KTR is an official iteration of the legendary Klon Centaur, and this is the earlier version with the same diodes used in the Centaur (these diodes are no longer used in current production KTRs). Designed by Klon creator Bill Finnegan, the KTR is a Klon Centaur in every respect.

The Klon KTR can produce transparent boost and warm, rich overdrive tones, all with the pedal's signature midrange. The KTR has a huge volume range, and each of the three knobs has a broad sweep, interacting with your amp and instrument in an organic and dynamic way.