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KGR Harmony Shizuku Boutique Overdrive Effects Pedal Japan


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Up for sale, a KGR Harmony Shizuku overdrive effects pedal, brand new with the box and paperwork. Forged at the Nambu Tekki Foundry in Japan, a source of cast iron teapots since 1848, the hefty alloy enclosure alone is a true work of art.

This KGR Harmony product is a Booster/Overdrive, and has the same Gain and Volume controls of the Arare without the EQ section. Shizuku translates to "Water Drop," and to quote KGR, they "created a tone that comfortably stretches as if a single drop of water spreads the ripples." This pedal comes in a minimalist cast iron compact-sized enclosure, slightly bigger than a Hammond 1590A, and packs a huge sound into its small package. Like the Arare it has a hi-fidelity quality and clarity that brings out the detail of the signal, playing very nicely with other pedals and virtually any type of amp. It can smooth out the sharp edges of solid state and digital gear, and also pushes the preamp stages of tube amps in a natural organic way.