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KGR Harmony Arare Boutique Overdrive Effects Pedal Japan


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Up for sale, a KGR Harmony Arare overdrive effects pedal, brand new with the original box and paperwork. Forged at the Nambu Tekki Foundry in Japan, a source of cast iron teapots since 1848, the hefty alloy enclosure alone is a true work of art. The pedal’s Arare designation refers to the hailstone pattern commonly found on these teapots, while the integrity of the pedal’s design and sonics reflect the purity of this timeless tradition. As such, the unique circuit is also expertly designed and handbuilt in Japan, maintaining a tonal transparency to the source signal while infusing rich harmonic content.

Controls consist of Gain and Volume, with three bands of equalization: Low, Mid, and High. The Gain and Volume controls deliver a wide sonic range from clean boost to smooth distortion, offering an open, full spectrum response, achieving exceptional articulation. The three EQ controls offer broad sweeps of cut and boost in their respective ranges. The Low control provides a massive amount of round bottom end, and the Highs remain silky and never harsh even when cranked. Overall the tone is very Hi-fi, and flattering to virtually any source. The pedal pairs particularly well with bass guitar, with an abundance of low end, remaining prominent and fat at lower settings, with thick and chewy distortion bordering on a liquid fuzz when cranked.