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Keeley Katana V1 Boost Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Keeley Katana V1 boost pedal in perfect working order. This modern classic, among the first pedal designs ever produced by Bob Keeley, delivers fat, harmonically-rich boost. The dual FET design of the Katana has been widely recreated and aped by those looking to drive their amps and capture the tube-like tones it produces, but it’s hard to beat the original.

The Katana has just one knob, with a push/pull pot and two modes. With the knob pushed in, Keeley describes the Katana as “a volume control that goes to twenty;” offering transparent boost and maintaining natural input tone. With the knob pulled out, the Katana becomes a cutting boost with just a touch of gain for a bit of grit on top of the input signal.

This pedal shows wear through the majority of the lightly silkscreened graphics, and the original knob is intact, with a small split in the plastic that doesn’t affect how the knob mounts or functions.