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JHS Colour Box V1 Analog Console-Style Neve Preamp Equalizer Pedal USA-Made, Near Mint


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Up for sale, a JHS Colour Box V1 in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Handbuilt and tested by the JHS team in Kansas City, Missouri, the Colour Box was designed to recreate the classic sound of plugging a guitar directly into a vintage mixing console, providing an essential step towards recreating that dry, in your face dimension heard on countless legendary recordings. It's a 100% analog design that replicates the input of a vintage Neve console.

The sound of the Colour Box is musical and vibrant, thanks to the Lundahl transformer that beefs up your lows, adds harmonic complexity, and enhances midrange richness. You can use it to add that special something to your tone at low gain settings, or crank it up for harmonic transformer saturation. With two gain stages and over 39dB of gain on hand, you can give your tone anything from a smooth polish to full-on distortion.

With both instrument and XLR inputs and outputs, the Colour Box is a flexible tool. Based on a legendary red-knobbed British circuit, this pedal can serve as a high quality microphone preamplifier with a sweet sounding EQ section to optimize the signal. You can also use the Colour Box as a handy splitter with your guitar rig, sending the 1/4" output to your amplifier and the XLR output to the mixing board.


-Preamp and EQ pedal for guitar, microphone, or line-level sources
-100% analog signal path, based on the design of classic Neve mixing consoles
-Dual gain stages with over 39dB of gain gives you everything from subtle sweetening to full-on distortion
-Recreates the classic sound of plugging a guitar directly into a mic preamp
-Powerful tone-shaping potential, with 3-band EQ and wide-ranging variable low-cut filter (60Hz-800Hz)