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JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase LTD Germanium Fuzz Effects Pedal Limited Edition Purple, CV7003s (OC44)


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Up for sale, a JAM Pedals Fuzz Phrase LTD fuzz pedal, like-new in its original box with all assorted extras and paperwork. JAM Pedals offer boutique analogue guitar and bass effects handmade in Greece, all using the highest quality materials and rare NOS chips, transistors and carbon comp resistors.

Having sourced a supply of military-spec germanium OC44s, JAM measures each individual transistor for gain and leakage, then hand picks and matches with thorough sound auditioning. The few-and-far-between CV7003s are extremely consistent and heat-resistant, much more so than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors, placing the Fuzz Phrase in a league of its own. The CV7003s consistency is so dependable that an external bias pot is rendered unnecessary. Along with the use of carbon comp resistors and tropical fish capacitors, the result is pure vintage fuzz goodness!

This vintage-voiced germanium fuzz pedal accurately produces the legendary sound that helped shape a generation of guitar tones, from subtle undertones to full face-melting grit. With just two simple controls, a Level knob and a Gain knob, dialing in the sweet spot is fast and intuitive.

This limited edition Fuzz Phrase comes in a fuzzy purple cloth and leather covering with a zipper around back to access the inside. Unzipped, the clear plexi back plate reveals the meticulous turret board-mounted circuitry. All limited edition Fuzz Phrase pedals come with an extra aluminum bottom plate to mount on boards.