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Jackson Ampworks The McFly Boutique Tube Amp Head 6V6 & 6L6 w/ Flight Case


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Up for sale, a Jackson Ampworks "The McFly" boutique tube guitar amp head in like-new condition and in perfect working order, complete with a custom flight case. Jackson Ampworks is a small boutique amplifier shop located just north of Fort Worth, TX, using only the highest quality parts and processes with their small-batch productions.

A no-corners-cut affair, the McFly's laser cut chassis, overly spec'd 200 watt output transformer, Mallory 150 signal caps, carbon comp resistors, 1/8" thick circuit board with two-ounce copper traces, Alpha Pots, and Neutrik connectors ensure an extremely robust build for studio-quality tone and roadworthiness. And yes, the amp is a direct reference to our favorite time-traveling ES-345-slinging guitar player, with a Delorean Time Machine graphic etched onto the circuit board.

Designed to offer both Tweed and Black Panel Fender-style tonalities in the same amp, the McFly has two distinct preamp modes (50s and 60s), utilizing a unique octal preamp with a pair of 6SN7s, as well as two pairs of power tubes. With both 6V6 *and* 6L6 power tube pairs (and the ability to combine the two), the McFly is well-suited to a variety of playing situations, and the amp's power scaling (which can also be bypassed if desired) ensures a usable volume for any size room or ensemble.

While the McFly can deliver round, dynamic cleans, it can easily push into overdrive with everything from a bit of bite and dirt when you dig in to extreme crunch. The 50s preamp setting has more midrange and drives more easily, as one would expect, and overall headroom decreases as the Body knob is dialed up. Output wattage can be as low as 18 watts with the 6V6 pair, or as high as 70 watts with the 6L6 pair really cooking. The Power knob controls the power scaling (attenuation), and this can be engaged or bypassed via the two-way toggle on the back of the amp. A two-way Normal/Bright switch rounds out the controls on the front panel.

The amp shows virtually no cosmetic wear, with two-tone black and white tolex, a flawless faceplate and raised Jackson logo.