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Hurricane Amplifiers V-12 Boutique Tube Amp Head & 2x12 Cab, Black Panel-Style w/ Celestion Creamback


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Up for sale, a Hurricane Amplifiers V-12 amp and 2x12” speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Handcrafted in Sarasota, FL, the V-12 is Hurricane’s take on a classic Black Panel Princeton Reverb, featuring a dual-input, single-channel design and delivering the same sparkling treble articulation and sweetness as that original, iconic amplifier, with lush onboard spring reverb.

Outfitted with 6L6s (instead of the Princeton's lower wattage 6V6 valves), this V-12 has a deeper bass and more headroom than many comparable Black Panel interpretations. The cleans are sparkling and pristine, and dialing up the gain results in dynamic, expressive edge-of-breakup creaminess that responds notably well to user inputs. Controls include Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, and Master knobs. The Reverb is splashy and surfy, with a long two-spring tank.

The tube complement comprises a matched pair of JJ 6L6 power tubes, with a preamp section of one Ei (Yugoslavian made) 12AX7, one Sovtek 12AX7, one PhilipsECG 12AT7, and one GrooveTubes/Fender 12AX7.

The cabinet features a closed-back design, ensuring a punchier and more immediate sound when compared to a Fender-style cab, loaded with a pair of Celestion G12M Creamback speakers. These speakers, rated at 65 watts with 16 ohms impedance, deliver classic mid-‘60s woody tones, and the increased power handling results in additional low end grunt to complement the warm, vocal midrange and sweet, refined highs.

Cosmetic touches on the amp include blonde tolex, oxblood grillcloth, Hurricane badges, a vintage-style jewel LED, and leather handles. Cosmetic wear is limited to a few minor scuffs and tolex tears. The original quintet of chickenhead knobs are intact, and the faceplate graphics are clean.