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Hudson Electronics UK Broadcast-APII Ariel Posen Preamp Drive Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Hudson Electronics Broadcast AP-II Ariel Posen preamp pedal. Hudson Electronics, located in Hutton, East Yorkshire, UK, offers hand-crafted vintage-flavored gain pedals built on strip boards, using new old stock European germanium and silicon transistors and high quality components throughout. Every aspect of each build is completed by hand with high attention to detail, from the application of graphics through to final assembly and testing.

The Broadcast AP-II is a dual preamplifier pedal designed in conjunction with guitarist Ariel Posen. It features two independent, uniquely-voiced preamp circuits which each add their own tonal color. The first is fitted with a silicon transistor and transformer, bringing the smooth, darker tone of the original Broadcast-AP. The second removes the transformer and replaces the silicon with a germanium transistor, resulting in a brighter, more aggressive tone. Each circuit has a large gain range, and cascading one into the other provides further sonic options, from subtle boosts to heavily distorted sounds.

Both the Silicon and Germanium sides have dedicated Drive and Level controls. The Broadcast AP-II features a send/return loop between the two sections, enabling other pedals to be added between the preamps, or for each preamp to be placed at a different point in the pedal chain.

-Send: Sends the signal from the silicon section to another pedal (the output of the silicon section)
-Return: Receives the signal back into the pedal (the input of the germanium section)

If nothing is plugged into the Send or Return jacks, the signal is internally routed from the silicon section into the germanium section. Plugging into either the Send or Return jack (or both simultaneously) breaks this connection.