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Hudson Electroics UK Broadcast-AP Ariel Posen Preamp Drive Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Hudson Electronics, UK Broadcast-AP Ariel Posen preamp boutique guitar effects pedal. Hudson Electronics, located in Hutton, East Yorkshire, UK, offers hand-crafted vintage-flavored gain pedals built on strip boards, using new old stock European germanium and silicon transistors and high quality components throughout. Every aspect of each build is completed by hand with high attention to detail, from the application of graphics through to final assembly and testing.

At the heart of the Broadcast-AP, as the name may suggest, is the same circuitry as the original Broadcast, a Class-A discrete, transformer-coupled circuit, designed to saturate in a unique way reminiscent of certain vintage UK recording and broadcast consoles.  

The difference begins with the Low-Gain side of the standard Broadcast, with a Silicon transistor in exchange for the original’s Germanium, and an OEP transformer in lieu of the Triad. The OEP transformer saturates and distorts less below 100Hz compared to the Triad transformer, and these two changes together give the Broadcast-AP a darker, smoother, more powerful tone compared to the standard version. Greater weight in the lows, whilst retaining the open highs and upper-mids, gives the Broadcast-AP a more dimensional effect.

The control layout features both Level and Gain Trim potentiometers, and a switchable High-pass/Low-cut filter at 100Hz. The Gain Trim control has 12dB more gain than the Low-gain side of the standard Broadcast, allowing the Broadcast-AP to cover ground from clean boost to medium gain overdriven tones. In addition, the gain of the pedal can be increased via an internal trimmer, and when pushed to the max, the sound becomes overloaded, broken, and fuzzy. The High-pass/Low-cut filter can help keep the low end composed, especially when driving amps at higher gain and volume levels.


-Pair of selected Silicon transistors
-OEP Transformer selected to give less THD on low frequencies
-BI Technologies potentiometers
-Lumberg jack sockets (rated for >5000 cycles)
-Heavy duty Alpha foot switches (rated for >30,000 cycles)
-Individually hand-built on a high-quality PCB, assembled, hand-wired, tested and packaged all by Michael Hudson