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Guya Cry-Max PF-201 Vintage Expression Pedal Volume & Wah w/ Case, Japan Guyatone


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Up for sale, a late 1970s Guya Cry-Max "Wau-Swell" pedal model PF-201 in collector-grade, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original case. Produced by Guyatone under the “Guya” banner from 1977-81, this versatile Japanese-made pedal functions as a Volume control when turned off and a wah wah when engaged. Clearly taking its design cues from the Thomas Organ Cry-Baby, including the distinctive white rubber bumper on the baseplate, the PF-201 delivers the same smoothness and vocal character as that iconic wah pedal.

Powered by an internal 9V battery, the wah has a rich lower midrange “oomph” and well-balanced taper, perfect for making heavily driven solos really scream and adding a quack to clean passages. The Volume functionality when the pedal is disengaged has a particularly smooth taper, enabling a high degree of dynamic expression.

The black crinkle finish exhibits just a few small finish chips, and the graphics on the baseplate are pristine, framed by the original white rubber bumper and complete with the four original rubber feet.

The original Guya-branded case is included.