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Fulltone Secret Freq Boutique Overdrive & Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Fulltone Secret Freq in excellent condition and in perfect working order. More than simply a gig-friendly clean boost and overdrive, the Freq can push into heavier distortion with ease while retaining a natural sound. Dynamic asymmetrical clipping gives the Secret Freq a sweet, musical clean boost, juicy overdrive, and rich, touch-responsive high gain sounds. Not like the PlimSoul, and nothing like the OCD, the Secret Freq doesn't disappoint and is worth the price of admission simply as-is for a “bread and butter” OD/Distortion pedal (yet is capable of much more!).

Turning the "Freq" knob clockwise adds as much as 20db of active narrow band juicy midrange right where it does the most good, filling out the signal without sacrificing bass or treble. Not to be confused with a simple active or passive midrange control, the ‘Freq’s midrange imparts significantly more sustain and lets the player easily place the guitar in the mix where you want it, irrespective of volume.