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Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, Boutique Distortion


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Up for sale, a Fulltone PlimSoul overdrive pedal in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Designed to achieve the huge tube sounds of a Marshall-style stack, the PlimSoul delivers the goods with an enhanced midrange response for a fat, creamy tone. The PlimSoul is also highly responsive and variable thanks to the two overdrive sections: one with smoother soft clipping (in the vein of a Tube Screamer), and one with bright hard clipping (similar to Fulltone’s beloved OCD). The two sections are very easily blended and extremely touch-sensitive to user inputs, with the small Stage 2 knob adjusting the threshold for hard clipping and allowing for easy back-and-forth between smooth, liquid softer playing and aggressive, biting tones when strummed hard. The Hi-Cut and Sustain knobs enable even further tonal sculpting, making this one of the most versatile and responsive mid-forward drives on the market.


-Soft-clipping and hard-clipping overdrives in one pedal
-LED glows brighter or dimmer depending on how hard you push it
-Easy to optimize for single-coils or humbuckers with the Hi-Cut control
-Lots of gain above unity so you can push your amp into natural overdrive
-Both channels can be used independently or blended for ultimate flexibility
-Accurate recreation of tube “sag”
-White-hot feedback sounds
-Ideal 500k input impedance and super-low 10k output impedance

The pedal is notably clean, with scarcely a mark on the metallic purple enclosure, clean graphics, and all original knobs.