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Fuchs ODS Overdrive Supreme 50, Traynor YBA Modded Dumble-Style Tube Amp Head w/ Ftsw


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Up for sale, a 2017 Fuchs ODS Overdrive Supreme 50 watt boutique tube amp head in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. One of the rarer and cooler variants on Fuch's long celebrated Dumble-style Overdrive Special platform, this amp uses the chassis and massive Hammond-made transformers from a circa 1970s Traynor YBA amp, and outfits it with Fuchs' Overdrive Supreme circuitry with all the fixins. The benefit here compared to Fuch's standard ODS line is the vintage transformer complement, and the amp is also housed in an eye-catching head cabinet covered in brown alligator tolex, supplied to Fuchs by Mojotone.

Capturing the touch-sensitivity, incredible headroom and muscle, and practically limitless sustain of its Dumble progenitor, the ODS offers pristine cleans and gobs of distortion with exquisite harmonic clarity. A 50 watt affair driven by a pair of 6L6 power tubes, it's truly only the transformers of the Traynor YBA that remain, with the complete Fuchs ODS circuitry inside the chassis. The circuit includes all of Fuch's effects loop options, with a trio of speaker outs, Reverb control on the back panel, and Pentode/Triode switch. The chassis is dated 9/17, and the label inside the cabinet is also dated to '17.

The cabinet is near mint, with nickel covers and a premium leather handle, and the faceplate shows virtually no wear, complete with its full knob complement.

The original two-button footswitch is included.