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Fox Vintage Princeton Reverb Clone Boutique USA-made 1x10 Tube Amp, Hand-Wired w/ Celestion Gold


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Up for sale, a Fox Vintage Princeton Reverb replica boutique 1x10 tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A USA-made iteration of one of Fender's most celebrated Black Panel-era circuits, this Princeton features a hand-wired circuit, Hammond transformers, and a Celestion Gold 10" speaker. For sparkling, dynamic cleans and smooth overdrive, this circuit excels. The tube-driven Reverb has plenty of splash and decay, and the Tremolo has a strong pulse.

The circuit features yellow tubular caps and a few Sprague Orange Drops, with low noise metal film resistors and Hammond-made power and output transformers. A small bias pot is also bridged on the usual bias cap, ensuring the tubes can be biased to perfection. The tube complement includes mostly JJ valves, with a couple Tung Sol tubes in the preamp as well.

The 10" Celestion Gold speaker has ample headroom for the Princeton's 15 watt output, and this alnico magnet driver lends the amp a distinctive British bite and smooth compression at higher volumes. There is also a dent on the bell cover over the alnico magnet, purely cosmetic. The finger-jointed pine cabinet has a replica tube chart inside, and the cabinet is fitted with vintage-style hardware including chassis straps, sphinx glides (feet), and handle caps. The black tolex is clean, and the silver sparkle grillcloth has been aged by Fox for a vintage appearance.

A two-button footswitch is included.