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Fender Pawn Shop Special Excelsior 1x15 Tube Guitar Amp 13 Watts w/ Tremolo


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Up for sale, a Fender Excelsior 1x15 tube amp in excellent condition, complete with the original cover. From the unfortunately named "Pawn Shop" series, the Excelsior is a sleeper among Fender's recent (and now discontinued) amp offerings, and an incredibly effective amp for bold, detailed cleans and overdriven grit. Via the single 15" ceramic magnet speaker and open back cabinet, there's plenty of warmth and body to the signal, with a single Volume knob and two-way tone switch that has a significant effect on the amp's EQ curve. The Tremolo speed knob doubles as the effect's on/off switch, and the bias-based design has a strong pulse and smooth waveform that isn't too choppy.

The amp pushes 13 watts via a 6V6 power tube pair, with two 12AX7s in the preamp. The smooth brown tolex shows one ding in the upper right corner of the enclosure, with just a couple additional scuffs on the edges of the cabinet.

The original vinyl slip cover is included.