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Fender Champion 600 Vintage Reissue Tube Guitar Amp Class A 5w 1x6 Combo, Champ


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Up for sale, a Fender Champion 600 vintage reissue tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This pint-sized Class A tube amp is as straightforward as they come, pushing 5 all-tube watts via a single 6V6 power tube. Beyond the specs of the original Champion 600 design released by Fender in 1949, this reissue boasts two distinctly voiced inputs, with a lower gain input which has a cleaner sound more reflective of the original circuit design, and a high gain input that takes full advantage of the gain structure of the 12AX7 preamp tube to push the circuit harder and overdrive sooner, for more smooth breakup. An internal speaker output jack allows for the use of a larger speaker cabinet too.

The amp has been recently serviced, fitted with a replacement power transformer and wired for 117v, as this particular Champ was originally sold in international markets. The two-tone leatherette covering presents very well, retaining the original metal Fender badge on the amp's face, and the leather handle. The stock 6" ceramic magnet-Fender branded speaker is also intact with a clean frame.