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Fender Blues Junior III Hot Rod Series 15 Watt Tube Combo Amp 1x12, EL84


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Up for sale, a Fender Blues Junior III tube combo amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The Blues Junior is one of Fender's more enduringly popular, versatile, and reliable modern compact tube amp designs. Known for its sweet sizzle and pronounced midrange characteristics via the EL84 power tube pair, as well as warm 12AX7 preamp drive, the single channel Master Volume-equipped circuit offers ample headroom or smooth grit at manageable volumes. A "Fat" tone/boost switch thickens things up when needed, and a spring reverb adds dimension and splash. The tube complement includes Groover Tubes and Sovtek 12AX7s in the preamp and a matched pair of Electro Harmonix EL84 power tubes.

This Blues Junior III comes with smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth as well as a bevy of upgrades on previous Blues Junior iterations including an easier-to-read black control panel with front-facing text, vintage-style Fender "dog bone" handle, vintage-size jewel lamp, factory "sparkle" circuit mod, rattle-reducing shock absorbers for the EL84 tubes, a 12" Fender Special Design speaker, and heavy-duty set-screw "chicken head" knobs.


- EL84 output tubes
- Warm 12AX7 preamp tube overdrive
- Spring reverb
- "Sparkle" circuit mod
- Special Design ceramic 12" speaker