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Fender '63 Tube Reverb Unit Tank Brown Panel Reissue 6G15, Blonde & Oxblood Cab


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Up for sale, a 1990s Fender '63 Tube Reverb Unit in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This USA-made, all-tube Reverb Unit has now been discontinued by Fender, and this Fender chassis (and reverb tank) has been fitted with a brand-new cabinet, crafted by MojoTone with rough blonde tolex and dark oxblood grillcloth.

This all-tube design delivers lush and detailed spring reverb, powered by a vintage RCA 6K6 power tube and a pair of 12AX7s in the preamp. With controls for Dwell, Mix and Tone, it's easy to dial in the perfect amount of splash and sparkle, and this classic Fender effect simply goes in line between your guitar and amp. The circuit has been freshly gone over by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, and the power supply caps have been upgraded to F&Ts.

The MojoTone cabinet is brand new, featuring rough blonde tolex, oxblood grillcloth, and original Fender hardware including the brown leather handle and flat logo on the unit's face. Given how the chassis mounts in the MojoTone cabinet (fractionally further out), there is additional brown paint added beyond the back edge of the faceplate. Here's how Fender described their reissue of the classic 6G15 Reverb Unit circuit:

"For guitarists who absolutely must have the real-deal sound and style of Fender’s original early-’60s reverb unit, this is it. The famous all-tube Fender Reverb unit has been a staple of virtually every surf recording and performance since the early ’60s, and blues and experimental players love it too. The reissue ’63 Fender Tube Reverb returns you to the sound’s wave-cresting early-’60s origins, with authentic vintage styling and unmistakable surf-drenched sound that can be used with any amp."