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Emmons Lashley LeGrande II Pedal Steel Birdseye Maple w/ Case


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Up for sale, an Emmons Lashley LeGrande II pedal steel in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original case and legs. A founder of Sho-Bud, Buddy Gene Emmons was a pioneer in the pedal steel world, contributing to its evolution by introducing the “split pedal” design now a standard for E9 tuning, expanding tuning from 8 to 10 strings, and patenting a lever that reliably returns the string to the correct pitch. This Emmons pedal steel is known as a "loafer" for its dual neck body shape and single neck design with a large pad for the forearms where the second neck is typically located.

Tonally, this Emmons delivers glassy, rich textures with excellent string-to-string clarity and dynamic cut. The single Tone knob is situated next to a two-way switch that bypasses the knob and sends the signal directly from the pickup to the 1/4" jack.

This pro-grade pedal steel features three pedals, four knee levers, and the stock single coil pickup. The body has a birdseye maple veneer and the fingerboard features multi-colored atom markers. The roller nut and bridge ensure a smooth and reliable response from the pedals and knee levers, and the Grover tuning machines hold pitch as they should.

Cosmetically, this Emmons is exquisitely well-kept, with only faint patina on the hardware and a few minor marks on the enclosure edges. The original hardshell case is included.