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Elk Viking 100 Vintage Tube Guitar Amp Head w/ Reverb & Tremolo, EL34, Japan Miyuki


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Up for sale, a 1970's Elk Viking 100 vintage tube amp head in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Produced by Miyuki in Japan and freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this stunningly clean all-tube head features a quad of matched EL34 power tubes.

Offering a two-channel, four-input design with Reverb and Tremolo dedicated to the first channel, the Viking 100 largely mirrors the feature set of Fender's Silverface era amplifiers, yet the sonic properties of the Viking 100 are distinct in every dimension. The Viking 100 is a remarkably hi-fi sounding amp, with a clarity and muscle more akin to Hiwatt. While pushing the amp towards its maximum volume and pairing it with a hot enough pickup can certainly produce a nice grit and grind, the Viking 100 is ultimately an excellent platform for cleans and takes drive pedals very well too.

The onboard effects include a very splashy and deep Reverb, and the effect is so lush that it borders on self-oscillation, with literal waves of echo as the signal decays. While the Reverb is functional regardless of the footswitch (included), the Tremolo effect requires the footswitch be plugged-in to activate, just like a vintage Fender. The effect has a smooth pulse with just enough percussive chop to be present, offering a wide range of available speeds.

The circuit retains the original transformers, with fresh signal and bypass caps as needed for optimal functionality. The back panel of the amp includes a 100/117V voltage switch, along with dual speaker outputs (the amp wants to see a 4ohm load). The tube complement includes a fresh, properly biased quad of Electro Harmonix EL34 power tubes, as well as all of the original valves in the preamp.

Cosmetically, this Elk Viking 100 is stunningly clean, with near mint textured black tolex, clean hardware, a practically perfect machined aluminum faceplate, and all of the original skirted aluminum knobs.

A modern Fender two-button footswitch is included.