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Eddie Wang Instruments Quantum Zen Boutique Tube Amp 1x12, EL84 w/ EF86 Preamp


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Up for sale, a brand new Eddie Wang Instruments Quantum Zen 1x12 tube amp. Hand-built in the USA, Eddie Wang amps feature point-to-point wiring, custom Soursound transformers, Jupiter capacitors, and finger-jointed pine cabinets. The Quantum Zen is a tonal collaboration between Eddie Wang and Zen Guitar Trading. It's a completely new ground up design featuring an EF86 preamp tube in a unique configuration, allowing for extended bandwidth, sweeter harmonics, and a natural compression that makes notes sing out, all with exquisite clarity.

A pair of EL84 power tubes drives the power section, yet the voicing of this amp isn't strictly "British." The EL84s are tuned for everything from "Brit" to "American" tones, yet the Quantum Zen truly pushes beyond standard tonal characterization in this way.

All Eddie Wang Instruments amplifiers feature a wattage control that works by controlling the internal voltages where they need to be, and not where they shouldn't. The Quantum Zen can go from 15 watts all the way down to 1/4 watt without affecting tone and touch-sensitivity.

The tone controls are usable through their entire range. Turn the Bottom knob all the way down for extremely tight overdrive, or turn it all the way up to fatten the thinnest of single coils and fill a room with rich, muscly clean tones. Unlike most treble controls, the Top control on the Quantum Zen won't suppress tube harmonics. Turn it all the way down for fat jazzy tones, or all the way up for a biting tone that will cut through any ensemble. The Charm switch provides either tight or full bass. In the down position, it gives fat humbuckers more "charm" by enhancing clarity in the low end. In the up position, it gives bright single coils more "charm" by fattening their tone.

The speaker is a 65 watt WGS Amperian Revolution 65 ceramic magnet 12" driver, offering plenty of headroom and power for the 15 watt circuit, and fitted in an open-back finger-jointed pine cabinet with a floating baltic birch baffle that offers a certain airness and natural warmth. The cabinet features a smooth charcoal covering, leather handle, and etched gold faceplate.


-15 watts
-Tubes: 1 x 12AX7 and 1 x EF86 preamp tubes, 2 x EL84 power tubes, 1 x GZ34 rectifier
-Point to point wiring
-Custom Soursound transformers
-Premium carbon comp resistors, Jupiter capacitors, and 99.9999% pure solid copper wire in the signal chain
-Finger jointed pine cabinet with floating Baltic birch speaker baffle
-8 ohm speaker output
-1 x 12 inch cabinet: 20"W x 16"H x 10"D
-Around 30 lbs