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EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, an EarthQuaker Devices Erupter fuzz in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. The result of over two years’ worth of tone-chasing, tweaking, and experimentation in search of the ultimate classic fuzz tone, the Erupter delivers a big low end, biting trebles that don’t get too harsh, and just enough output to send a tube amp over the top for pummeling intensity that is still well-rounded and defined.

Designed for the player who keeps their fuzz pedals cranked up to eleven, the Erupter has just one large, center-detent Bias control; at noon, the tone is big and round with a slight volume boost and great sustain, turning counterclockwise makes it more gated with lower output, and turning clockwise makes things louder and more refined. Despite the simplicity of the design, there are a wide array of tones available, and the circuit is very responsive to user inputs, cleaning up at the guitar’s volume control and opening up when you dig in hard.

This pedal is in great shape, with just a handful of faint marks and scratches along the edges of the enclosure. The original large knob is present, and the graphics are pristine.