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Dr. Z Jaz 20/40 Boutique Tube Guitar Amp 2x10 w/ 6V6, Blonde Tolex


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Up for sale, a Dr Z JAZ 20/40 in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a two-button footswitch. A rare, discontinued Z model, the Jaz 20/40 is rarer still given its 2x10 speaker configuration (most were 1x12). A precursor to the Z-Lux, the JAZ 20/40 is an extremely versatile model, featuring onboard Reverb and Tremolo, as well as a half power switch.

The front end of the JAZ is the same as the MAZ series, coupled to a cathode biased four 6V6 output section offering sparkling, full-bodied cleans and sweet overdriven grind. The single channel design has both Gain and Master controls as well as a three-band EQ. The tremolo is a bias modulated design offering deep pulsating swells and quick machine gun chop via the Speed and Depth controls. The tube-driven Reverb is extremely lush too. Tubes include a matched quartet of JJ 6V6 power tubes, with modern valves from the likes of JJ and Mullard in the preamp.

The amp retains its stock pair of Z-branded black frame ceramic magnet 10" speakers, and the tube chart is present inside the cabinet. The blonde tolex is clean, with contrasting black tolex on the face of the amp, framed by white piping and retaining the original Z badge.

A two-button footswitch is included.