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Diamond Memory Lane 2 Analog Bucket Brigade Delay Guitar Effects Pedal, Gold w/ Power Supply


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Up for sale, a Diamond Memory Lane 2 analog delay pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Complete with a brand new power supply, this highly prized and discontinued pedal features a rare, limited edition gold finish.

The Memory Lane 2 is not a ‘hybrid delay’ or ‘analog voiced’ delay. Featuring NOS (new-old-stock) MN3005 BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips running at 15V, the Memory Lane offers high headroom and superior sound quality with a 100% analog signal path.

The Memory Lane 2 expands on the innovations of the original Memory Lane, offering several new features requested by players and a new twist that further bridges the feature gap between analog and digital delays while retaining the warmth and unique sound of bucket brigade delay devices.

With this revised version of Diamond's highly acclaimed analog delay, pedal players have the ability to control delay time via an expression pedal input, and toggle between two footswitchable independent delay times: one set via the Delay knob, the other set using the tap tempo footswitch function. In addition, Diamond added a dotted 8th note setting for producing ‘U2 style’ rhythmic delays.

A ‘slapback’ switch is also a new feature for the Memory Lane 2, accessibly via the back of the enclosure, allowing DLY1 to be set to a single repeat while DLY2 can have the repeats tailored to taste, further enhancing the useability of the pedal.

Many players loved the way the original Memory Lane could easily be coaxed into self oscillation, but for some players it was a little too easy. With this in mind, Diamond reduced the sensitivity of the default mode for higher feedback (more repeats) before self oscillation, but for the players who are into those jet-fueled, screaming self oscillation sounds, there’s an internal switch to enable ‘Spaceship mode." In this mode, the Feedback path is even more sensitive than the original Memory Lane for maximum oscillation fun.

The pedal is in excellent condition, with a few nicks on the enclosure edges and limited wear on the black silkscreened graphics. The serialized label is intact on the back.