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Cornell Romany 12 Class A Boutique Tweed Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Reverb & Attenuator, UK Made


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Up for sale, a Cornell Romany 12 boutique tube amp, near mint and in perfect working order. Hand-built in the UK, the Romany 12 is a unique and feature-rich spin on the Fender Tweed-era circuits of the 1950s.

The Romany 12 is a single ended Class A design, with a single 6L6 power tube pushing 10 watts through a Jensen 12" ceramic magnet speaker. While the Romany has the rich breakup and touch-sensitive dynamic character of your favorite Fender tweed, the tonal flexibility is greatly enhanced with a three-band EQ, on-board Reverb, EQ bypass mini toggle, and built-in attenuator, offering output as low as .05 watts.

The tweed cabinet is near mint, with gold piping on the grillcloth, a flawless Cornell badge on the amp's face, a Cornell-embossed leather handle, and a set of chicken head knobs on the pristine faceplate.