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Carstens Black Flag Boutique 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp 22 Watt w/ Celestion Gold


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Up for sale, a Carstens Black Flag boutique tube amp in near mint condition and in perfect working order. The Black Flag was designed to be a simple, yet versatile amplifier. Small enough to transport, but loud enough for club use. Offering qualities of both an open, British crunch and American-style bloom and chime, the Black Flag is an exceptionally three-dimensional sounding amplifier with beautiful overtones, delivering big harmonic-rich sound from a small box.

A 22 watt single-channel affair, the Black Flag pushes 22 all-tube watts through a 12" Celestion Gold alnico speaker. Perfectly suited to the ample overdrive characteristics of the amp, the Celestion Gold is clear and detailed. The circuit is hand-wired with custom wound Mercury Magnetics transformers at its heart. The tube compliment includes a pair of Tube Amp Doctor 6V6 power tubes, a matching GZ34 rectifier, and preamp tubes from the likes of Tung Sol and JJ. The tube chart is flawless inside the cabinet with a low two-digit hand-written serial number.

The black tolex is exceptionally clean, paired with wicker grillcloth and complete with a heavy-duty leather handle. There is sparingly little wear on the enclosure, and the amp presents very well.