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Carr Mercury Boutique 16 Watt Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Attenuator & Celestion Creamback


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Up for sale, a Carr Mercury V, near-mint and in perfect working order. A reinvention of Carr's long-standing Mercury platform, the "V" delivers snarling Marshall-esque British tones with a highly evolved feature set and surprising versatility. From thick cleans, to punchy midrange-y crunch, to wailing roar, it's all here and rendered in a supremely portable package, with attenuation options to fit any stage, studio, or home environment. Touch-sensitive, fully-featured, and exceedingly versatile, the Mercury V design enables a broad range of gain structures, voicing capabilities and output levels to tackle just about any genre or playing style.

Based on a pair of 6V6GT power tubes for a full-throated 16 watts, the Mercury V harnesses an ingeniously original preamp circuit featuring dual Volume controls (for High and Low voicings), a three-position Boost switch, and a three-knob EQ stage to kick out a dynamic range of distinctly English tones. The results included everything from pushed ’60s cleans, to chunky ’70s rock, right into ’80s and ’90s crunch and singing leads, and even scorching high-gain sizzle. The internally paired High and Low channels can be run in parallel like a jumpered four-input Marshall, or switched to cascade in series, taking the gain levels off the charts.

Onboard attenuation can be engaged to drop the power from 4 watts to a mere whisper, and there’s a post-power amp Line Out to send the signal to the PA or into a recording interface for tracking. Add lush tube-returned spring reverb, and there’s a wealth of multi-dimensional tone packed into this remarkably compact combo.

The speaker is a Celestion Creamback M65 12" driver, and this speaker produces the familiar woody G12M tone but handles greater power, making it ideally suited for today’s amps when a vintage tone is desired. The increased power handling brings with it additional low end grunt, complementing the warm and vocal midrange, crunchy upper-mids and sweet, refined highs.

The cabinet is constructed in-house with dovetailed solid North Carolina yellow pine, military and NASA-grade power supply components, and trenchant mid-Century signal elements rendered in true point-to-point wiring. Components include custom USA-made transformers, USA-made Jupiter signal capacitors, and carbon comp resistors throughout.