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Burriss Shadow Boutique 2x10 Tube Combo Amp USA-Made Near Mint 6L6


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Up for sale, a Burriss "The Shadow" boutique 2x10 combo amp in near mint condition and in perfect working order. A single channel non-master volume circuit with a 6L6-based power section, the Shadow pushes 30 all-tube watts through a pair of Eminence Copperhead 10" speakers. Bright and articulate, the amp boasts a super broad EQ sweep on the Treble and Mid controls in particular, and the amp has a very dynamic, touch-sensitive sound with a glassy snap. The amp has tons of clean headroom and a big sound with lots of muscle that provides a great pedal platform, and this circuit is also capable of rich, textured drive from around 3 o clock to the end of the Volume knob's sweep. The Volume and three-band EQ knobs are augmented by a three-way Bright switch mini toggle which is bypassed in the middle, as well as a two-way Character toggle which shifts not only the tonal profile of the amp but also the way it interacts with the tube-driven on-board Reverb. The Reverb has lots of dimension and splash, enveloping a note when needed or offering a bit of ambient character and decay. The Copperhead speakers are, as Eminence puts it, "great for smooth, driven leads and clean rhythms alike," and the speakers have lightly worked-in cones that deliver a sound both smooth and focused. The black tolex exterior is near mint, paired with a leather handle and wheat grillcloth.