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Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-2 Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-2 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This versatile overdrive pedal essentially functions as two amps in one stompbox; featuring two cascaded MOSFET overdrive circuits with a sweepable crossover. The XD-2 delivers layered, nuanced tones in a compact package. By blending the High Band and Low Band circuits, a clean, articulate low end can be maintained while the highs are melted into creamy, distorted bliss.

There are independent controls for the High Band and Low Band circuits. The Low Band circuit is governed by Gain, Boost, Thump, and Filter controls, and the High Band has Gain, Boost, Mid and Treble knobs. Additionally, there are Master Volume and Mix controls, with a X Frequency knob to dictate the crossover frequency between the two circuits. There is an independent footswitch for the Boost.

This unit is in great shape, with barely a mark on the red enclosure. The graphics are clean, and all the original knobs are present.