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Bowman Audio Endeavors Threshold Maximizer Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal LM308


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Up for sale, a Bowman Audio Endeavors Threshold Maximizer. Bowman pedals, founded in 2020, are the brainchild of Against Me! guitarist James Bowman, who hand-crafts each pedal in his workshop in Oradell, New Jersey. The Threshold Maximizer is BAE’s take on the 1986 “Version 3-B” ProCo Rat, featuring the same essential LM308 op amp chip as the original circuit.

BAE examined numerous versions of the original Rat, and this pedal delivers just as much buzzsaw roar, cut and sizzle as that iconic pedal. Additionally, select modern updates to the circuit offer a touch more headroom, a smoother EQ sweep and a cleaner noise floor than the original. The rugged, powder coated enclosure has Rat-style graphics and knobs.