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Bowman Audio Endeavors Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Silver & Oxblood, Klone


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Up for sale, a Bowman Audio Endeavors Overdrive pedal. Bowman pedals, founded in 2020, are the brainchild of Against Me! guitarist James Bowman, who hand-crafts each pedal in his workshop in Oradell, New Jersey. This Overdrive is his take on the iconic Klon Centaur, with a no-corners-cut design and exacting attention to detail, faithfully recreating the transparency, dynamic and sonically rich characteristics of that legendary pedal.

Just like a genuine Klon, this pedal is exceptionally versatile, and can easily deliver a clean boost, touch of dirt, or ripping distortion. Top-tier, quality components include NOS Germanium diodes, Lumberg 1/4“ jacks, and a Gorva Design S90 enclosure, which offers a slightly smaller, more pedal-board friendly footprint than a genuine Klon example. This particular pedal has a powder coated matte Silver finish and Oxblood Davies-style knobs.