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Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Multi Effects Unit


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Up for sale, a Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Complete with 30 amp models, COSM Distortion/Overdrive modeling, and all-new effects like "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter," all with 24-bit sound quality, the GT-6 is one off Boss’ most powerful floor-based multiple effects processors yet. Rather than adding a few bells and whistles, Boss completely refined the GT-6’s COSM engine to include 30 of the finest amp and speaker cabinet models, from vintage classics to modern screamers. Then Boss took the GT-6 even further by offering killer new Overdrive/Distortion modeling (15 types of classic distortion and overdrive pedals) and COSM Wah wodeling (5 types of vintage and modern wah pedals). The GT-6 offers 15 very tweakable knobs set up to control the Amp/Speaker models, Overdrive/Distortion, and other primary effects. And with the GT-6’s expanded Customize function, you can build your own amp and speaker models, along with distortion units and wah pedals. In addition to ultra high-quality Boss effects like chorus, delay, reverb, phasing, flanging, tremolo, pitch shifting, Slicer, Acoustic Simulator and more, the GT-6 is the first Boss unit to offer new Uni-V and De-Fretter effects, which provide cool phase shifting-vibrato effects and simulate the sound of a “fretless” guitar, respectively. Cosmetic wear is limited to a few stray scuffs on the enclosure. The unit works on a 14v Boss power supply and has been fully tested. A power supply is not included. Features include:
  • Comprehensive guitar effects processor with advanced COSM preamp
  • 24-bit converters and coaxial digital output for recording applications
  • 30 COSM amp models, plus new Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling (15 types) and Wah Modeling (5 types)
  • 340 effects programs—more than any other pedal in its class!
  • Customize function for creating new amp types, distortion and wah pedals
  • Easy, analog-style control; 15 knobs for editing commonly used parameters
  • New "Uni-V" and "De-Fretter" effects, plus improved Feedback Modeling
  • EZ Tone feature for creating custom patches based on 30 templates
  • Built-in Expression and Control pedals for realtime control of effects