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Bluesbreaker Custom Plexi JTM50 Hand-Wired Boutique 2x12 Tube Amp w/ Celestion Greenbacks


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Up for sale, a custom-made Bluesbreaker Plexi JTM50 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Sure to satisfy the most astute Plexi purist, this is a painstaking replica of the famed 1960s Bluesbreaker 2x12. Unlike a typical reissue, this amp is hand-wired point-to-point on a vintage-style turret board and is built to the exacting specs of the original by Brent Bagby of Solderhaus in Seattle, WA.

Absolutely meticulous in its construction, the chassis was custom fabricated, and the hand-wired turret board is populated with a bevy of premium components including replica mustard capacitors, both metal film and carbon comp resistors (where appropriate) and Sprague electrolytics. The tremolo transistor is a date-correct NOS 2G374 from Texas Instruments and NOS tube sockets were used as well, including the correct shock-mount style for the first preamp tube. Transformers include a Mercury Tone Clone output transformer, a lay-down power transformer (manufacturer unknown), and a vintage Drake choke. The one-off plexi control panel has custom artwork/typography and was laser cut. Tubes include a pair of Gold Lion KT66s, and JJ tubes for the preamp and rectifier.

The cabinet was custom made and covered by Solderhaus here in Seattle, and the grillcloth is the correct Bluesbreaker style (now discontinued). The cabinet is loaded with a pair of modern UK-made Celestion Greenback speakers. The cabinet is topped off with a vintage-style handle, gold-capped knobs, and a pair of brass vents. Cosmetic wear is limited to some scuffing on top of the cabinet, some chipping on the edges of the plexi panel, and a few marks on the enclosure edges.