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Benson Vincent 30 Boutique Tube Guitar Amp Head 30 Watt, White


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Up for sale, a Benson Vincent 30 boutique tube amp head in like-new condition and in perfect working order with rare white tolex. Benson Amplifiers are hand-wired point-to-point by a team of expert craftspeople in Portland, OR, and the Vincent 30 is the first channel switching head offered by Benson. In addition to Benson's rich, textured clean tones, the overdrive is achieved by incorporating Benson's Vinny 1-watt circuit to deliver genuine power tube distortion directly from the preamp.

The all-tube signal path is constructed on terminal strips, with no circuit, eyelet, or turret boards. Premium components include custom Soursound transformers and Mallory capacitors. The tube complement comprises two EL34 tubes, one 6L6, and one EL84, with three JJ 12AX7 tubes in the preamp. The back panel features a tube-driven, pedal-level effects loop and 8/16 ohm outputs.

The custom white tolex has barely a mark on it, and cosmetic accents include the serialized badge on the back, Benson badge on the face, and leather handle.

A white slip cover is included.