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Arcane Amps JTM45 One-Off Custom Boutique Tube Amp, Purple, w/ Radiospares Transformers, NOS Mustard Caps


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Up for sale, a 2017 Arcane Amps JTM45 vintage replica tube amp head in near mint condition and in perfect working order. A meticulous recreation of Marshall's original and highly coveted 30 watt circuit, this amp boasts Mercury Magnetics Radiospares transformers, a multi-tap Axiom choke, and a Slope Control on the rear panel to dial in various resistor values in the tone stack. This allows for greater sonic flexibility reflective of different eras of Marshall production. NOS mustard caps are used throughout, and no expense was spared with this vintage-correct Marshall-style build. Cost for the transformers alone in this build was $1000, and this JTM45 represents a more vintage-correct build in numerous respects than modern Marshall reissues.

The JTM45 is a two-channel four-input affair, currently driving a pair of KT66 Gold Lion power tubes and boasting a GZ34 rectifier (6L6s can also be substituted in the power section). Yielding plenty of volume and punch, this pure and dynamic JTM45 circuit really shines when jumpering the two channels for cascading gain and fine-tuned overdrive textures. It's a straightforward, top-tier golden age design.

The headshell for this build was provided by Mather, featuring smooth purple tolex, gold piping and correct plexi panels on the chassis. A small optional Marshall logo is also included.