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Alexander Super Neo-Matic Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal, Near Mint


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Up for sale, an Alexander Super Neo-Matic modulation effects pedal in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Alexander Pedals builds hand-crafted effects in Garner, North Carolina, with each meticulously voiced and tweaked by their in-house sonic scientists. Inspired by the incredibly rare and unique Pefftronics Super Rand-O-Matic, the Neo-Matic is a digital time modulator with insane possibilities. Alexander has taken the concepts behind the original and re-implemented them with a modern digital signal processor, MIDI, presets, and expression pedal support.

The Super Neo-Matic has two modulation types featuring Triangle and Random, as well as Vintage and Modern sound modes. In Triangle mode, the time delay is controlled by a wide-ranging triangle wave oscillator for traditional chorus, vibrato, and flanging textures. Random mode controls the time delay matrix using a randomly-changing voltage, so that the signal shifts between various tones unpredictably. It’s the cure for the common chorus.

Both modulation types are available in two sound variations. Vintage uses the same 8-bit sampling as the original pedal, while Modern runs a full 24-bit audio path. The difference in bit rate is more apparent when playing quietly, and all sound modes allow “parking” the modulation and using the pedal as an audio delay. Sweep the delay with an expression pedal (not included) or the Ramp footswitch for dramatic time warps.

Favorite sounds can be saved to one of the Super Neo-Matic’s four preset slots. Connect the pedal to a MIDI controller or a computer for access to the full complement of sixteen presets.