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2023 Todd Sharp JOAT 30RT+ Boutique 2x12 Tube Amp Cherry Hardwood w/ Celestion Blues, Covers


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Up for sale, a 2023 Todd Sharp JOAT 30RT+ amplifier and 2x12” cabinet in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with Tuki padded slip covers and a two-button Reverb/Tremolo footswitch. The follow-up amplifier to the breakout hit JOAT (Jack Of All Tones) 20RT, this amp was designed by a guitar player, for guitar players. With more than 40 years of experience as a working guitarist (Hall & Oates) and 20+ years of amp tech experience (Nashville Amplifier Service), Todd Sharp has had plenty of time to dial in ideal, versatile tones. His first amp, the 20RT (released in 2016), was an instant hit with professional musicians and tone geeks alike, winning the Guitar Player magazine Editors’ Choice award.

Sharp notes: “The JOAT 30RT model is the next step up in power - expanding on our highly successful 20RT design. I created it for the player who wants a little more kick and headroom that comes with the extra wattage. The JOAT 30 offers two optimized pairs of 6V6s and EL84s, each with its own output transformer which are then blended together at the speaker output. This technique keeps the pristine chime and clarity of the EL84 while mixing in the classic warm friendly magic of the 6V6. Otherwise, this is basically the same circuit as the 20RT. I am very happy with the overall design of the 20RT and feel that this option with its increased power will appeal to a new audience of clientele."

The JOAT 30RT+ features a dual-input design; Input 1 is tailored for single coil pickups, and Input 2 is designed for humbuckers. The relatively simple controls belie a great deal of tonal sculpting functionality, with Volume, Attitude, Low Cut and High Cut EQ six-position rotary knobs, as well as Reverb Drive, Tone, and Level controls, and Tremolo Level and Depth knobs. Additionally, there are two-way mini-toggles; the Bite switch enhances the first stage’s upper-range muscle, and the HR (Headroom) switch enables the 30W of output to be restricted to just 18W for dirty, bluesy breakup. The Attitude control is a five-position rotary knob that dictates the overall feel and aggression of the midrange. The Reverb utilizes an EL84 pentode, driving a custom transformer into two shock mounted reverb tanks, for a plate-esque tone. It’s footswitchable (as is the Tremolo) and the Reverb Level knob can be pulled out to add a hit of Brightness to the wet signal.

No corners were cut in the design and construction of this amp, and the circuit is point-to-point hand-wired with 19-strand Teflon wire, featuring painstakingly hand-selected componentry, custom transformers, mil spec pots and rotary selectors. The tube complement features a matched pair of JJ 6V6s and a JJ EL84 with a PM EL84 reverb driver, a TAD GZ34 rectifier, and a preamp section of assorted 12AX7s (two EHX and one GE) and one 12AU7 (EHX). The output can be toggled between 4, 8, and 16 ohms, there’s a two-way Phase 0/180 switch, and the Reverb and Tremolo are footswitchable.

The 2x12” cabinet is loaded with a pair of Celestion G12 Alnico Blues, and these iconic speakers are a great match for the amp, delivering a slightly dampened attack, warm lows, mellow upper-mids and a brilliant, bell-like top end. Well-defined and articulate, these speakers also develop a very musical compression when pushed hard.

The cabinet and the head are both crafted from solid cherry wood with dovetail joints, sporting satin Cherry Red lacquer finishes, and the cabinet has a Baltic birch baffle board. Further cosmetic touches include premium leather handle, wheat/brown grillcloth, and raised Todd Sharp badges. Both the amp and cabinet are in fantastic shape, with just a few tiny marks on the enclosures.

The Todd Sharp-branded, Tuki-made padded slip covers are included, along with the Reverb/Tremolo footswitch.