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2023 Benson Earhart Reverb Boutique 1x12 Tube Amp Night Moves, Mint Condition


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Up for sale, a 2023 Benson Earhart Reverb 1x12” combo amp in like-new condition and in perfect working order. Benson Amplifiers are hand-wired point-to-point by a team of expert craftspeople in Portland, OR; this combo (delivering 13-18 watts, depending on the rectifier in use) was designed as Benson’s “side hug” to classic Vox AC-30 Top Boost amps of the ‘60s. Wholly its own circuit, yet borrowing design elements from a Vox, the Earhart delivers enhanced clarity, chime, and three-dimensional harmonics with a pair of EL-84 power tubes running Class A. The midrange is very slightly scooped, but notably less than a vintage Top Boost-style circuit, lending a satisfying sweetness to the sound.

The no-nonsense controls include Volume and Tone knobs, with a Normal/Top Boost switch. The Normal setting takes away the chime, making the Earhart behave as a well-balanced (and very good sounding) amp much like Benson's Monarch design. The Top Boost setting adds Vox-esque chime on top. The simple controls belie a wide array of tones: in both modes the Tone knob controls the balance between the bass and treble frequencies (not a mere high/low pass), and utilizing it in tandem with the Volume can control the “tilt” of the frequencies, ranging from spongy and warm to super bright. The onboard reverb is lush and atmospheric, with a wide sweep.

Build Specs:

-Circuit: Hand-wired, point-to-point on terminal strips - no circuit, eyelet, or turret board
-Transformers: Custom Soursound
-Wattage: 13-18 watts (rectifier dependent), Class A
-Capacitors: Mallory 150M
-Power Tubes: Matched pair of JJ EL84s
-Preamp Tubes: JJ ECC83s
-Rectifier: JJ GZ34/5AR4
-Speaker Outs: 8 ohms, 16 ohms
-Speaker: Custom Benson Ceramic 12”


-Wood: Dovetailed pine
-Wrap: “Night Moves” blue/gray
-Grillcloth: Oxblood